Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Hey everyone,

Things down here are very hot just like usual. We have had a good week for the most part as a companionship. This week we contacted 612, which is the highest we have had, so we felt really good about that. Other than that this week has been pretty boring here in La Noria. Since this week was boring there may not be a lot to tell so this email may be short. 

We had 0 investigators in church this week which was hard on both me and Elder Diaz. Elder Diaz actually started to cry because he has been out 1 year and that has never happened to him. It just shows how hard of an area La Noria really is! Also to show how hard it is, we were looking at recent converts for the total zone and our area only has had 7 in the last year and everywhere else has had 20-40, so our area seems to be one of the hardest in the zone.

Since we haven't had any luck with our investigators, we have been working a lot with Inactive and we are actually seeing results. Last week we had 2 inactive people at church when they hadn't been for awhile so that makes me feel good, like we are helping. Also we talked to a guy named Ceraco who hasn't wanted anything to do with the church and he said he would like to start listening to lessons again and start going to church again. It is such a great blessing in the mission. Also, there is a young man named Otto who was baptized and was good for a bit then stopped coming to church and became inactive, but we have been teaching him and he has been doing great, listening, and keeping commitments. It is so awesome!

Also I want to tell about another area called La Nueva and the miracle there. They are in a district by the way. Well they had a baptism interview which Elder Diaz did and at the end found out she wasn't married to the guy she was going to have the baby with and was living with. So Elder Diaz said the baptism can't happen. Then Elder Cox and Marte started thinking and realized if they get married she can be baptized. So they called up the man and said she can be baptized but we need your help and the man said how. They said, we need you to get married and he just said okay, lets do it! So they planned it all for the next week and he moved into a different house and they were able to baptize her and get it all worked out and they get married this week! ITS A MIRACLE FOR THEM!

Also, we have been fasting every week to try and get people to keep commitments and to fast, so remember to keep us in your prayers and I love you all and thanks for your examples!


Elder Hummel

The pictures are: in my EA LAVALAVA, before and after hair cut,  a yellow lime, some food (and yes I cooked that rice myself!), an awesome stereo that looks like a car.

Love you all and thank you for everything!

Tay in his lavalava

In need of a haircut!

After his haircut

A yellow lime

Rice dinner he made himself

A new car stereo

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