Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hello everyone!
I kind of have a lot to talk about since I haven't written in 2 weeks! WOW it feels like a long time. Things are going great in the field. My companion is named Elder Diaz from Ecuador and he is the District leader as well. My zone is called Tiquisate and my area is called La Noria. It is in the coast area and it is hot and humid. Everyone says it is where you lose the most weight at so I am going to be looking slim soon...maybe. Before we went out to the area I served with an Elder Roney in another area for a couple of hours and oh boy it was tough, my legs and body was so sore. I also met an elder from St. George named Elder Thompson. He looks way familiar but not sure if I know him.

My area is hot and most houses are little cinder block or cement houses with dirt floors and stuff so it is a big change also. It is humid and I sweat and sweat and sweat but it is awesome. I have a video and stuff of my apartment I am going to try to send so you can see what it looks like. Cross your fingers it works. Also there are a lot of stray dogs (Even one named Keiser, thought someone could tell Zac haha). They usually keep to themselves though so it is fine. The church in the area is a little building that is maybe 13 feet by 20 feet with a 7x7 office inside for the bishop. It is really small!

The first week was weird but I am doing great now. I have a list of numbers of people I contacted and I am quite proud of it. Here it is: day 1, 23 people and 6 families; day 2, 25 people and 5 families; day 3, 50 people and 10 families; day 4, 12 people 5 families and Monday 12 people and 5 families. It is awesome. I am picking up the language but it still takes a lot of time. A contact is when you either knock on a door or walk up to someone on the street and start talking to them. I am hoping I can send all the photos and I will have to try to explain them.

We have 1 lady who already agreed to a baptism date for the 21st so let's hope that works cause that would be amazing. We would have one the first month I was out. The other night we were out in an area we hadn't been before and there was a complete power outage and we were lost. We started walking and we were able to find the area by our house. When we got there we decided to try to contact someone in the dark and we ended up teaching these 2 girls the entire first lesson. It was such a blessing, I know the Lord helped us.

Another fun thing is I blessed the bread in church and only had to repeat it 1 time so I was extremely happy and proud of myself! Also, I got my first mission blister and it hurts. It is right in the middle of my foot by where my toes connect and every time I step I feel it. My trainer said that every blister is a baptism though so I guess by the end of the mission my feet will be nothing but blisters haha, I hope. Also I tried a drink called atol which is basically a runny oatmeal thing. It wasn't bad though. Also they have really good fresh bread here. At church there were a whopping 49 people which was good but I hope it gets more people.

I am extremely excited to get to SKYPE home this next week. I will skype on the 25th and it will be at 12 I believe and thats 12 my time and we don't have daylight savings time so it is an hour different. They sent an email and said you have to have a skype account so maybe someone could help mom and dad figure it out. I miss you all and love you so much! Now I will try to figure out the photos and send them haha! Wish me luck! Love you all and hope you have an awesome week! 

Elder Hummel

I am going to have to lower the camera resolution so I can send more at once hehe. Also I would say send letters to the mission home cause I never received an address for here. My mom has that address so ask her for it.
Here are the first photos, I will send more in other emails.

Elder Hummel at the MTC

View of the LDS Temple from the MTC

Arriving in Guatemala -- view of some of the volcanoes

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