Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Hey everyone!

How are things going on the home front? Things here have been busy as normal haha but what can I expect when i am hastening the work? I have had a little but of a difficult time this week. First our baptism didn't work out so that sucked and I have been just thinking about home a lot, but I know this is where I am suppose to be. Also we had invited and confirmed 21 people coming to church Sunday and we had a total of 1 so that really sucked, but it's okay. 

So our area is pretty big in my mind. We were in a town called Champas and had to walk back to La Noria...I found out it takes an hour and a half walking straight, non-stop, to get there and it was hot like normal...now i see why they say this is the area where people lose the most weight because it is hot and you walk all day every day. Also I have become an expert at hitchhiking, so that is fun. We just get the car to pull over, climb in and contact the person while we drive so it is an interesting thing. I was a little sketched out the first time but it worked out great. Also I did not know I was physically able to move as fast as I am and still be technically walking! So it is pretty impressive.

Yesterday I had splits and went out with an Elder Hunt from Georgia. It was awesome to have an American companion for a bit. I didn't realize how much I missed white people haha. The lessons were great. We met this guy who looks and acted like Mr. Miyagi. Everyone calls him Hermano Maestro. He is so nice and cool. Also I have started eating things I didn't think I would. The other day I pulled a star fruit off a tree and started eating it, it was so good! Also I have been eating oranges and green melons, they were just so good. 

Another thing that was hard this week for me is my good friend in the mission, Elder Nix, had to go home and won't be coming back out, so that really put a damper on my day but I am going to stay in contact with him and hang out when I get home. He is from Fruita, Colorado so I am not too far away from him. Also we haven't had a lot of luck with our investigators keeping commitments and that gets annoying, but I know things will work out. Me and my companion are working great together and so that is always good, haha. He is a great guy!

The food here has been pretty good so far. We have eaten a lot of pupusus and we also have had a lot of Top Ramen. We get up early, work out, get ready, eat quesidilla or Top Ramen, then we study and go out and walk all day, stopping to buy chips and stuff, then walk some more and when we get back to the house at 9 or 9:30 we eat some more Top Ramen and then we go to sleep. It is a great day, haha! Also, I eat a lot of peanut butter just with my finger, plain peanut butter. Things have been good and fun. We have had tamales 1 time and we will have some more on Christmas Eve. Also pupusus are tortillas stuffed with cheese basically. 

I am so excited to open the presents I have on Christmas! It is going to be so fun and great. I have been so tempted to open them early but I know you all would shoot me for that! Also I loved all the cards and everything I got, they made me so happy and made my day that much better! Christmas will be hard without everyone but I know in 2 years it will be a great experience to be home, maybe even only talking spanish to throw everyone off! But all in all the mission is going good.

Another cool experience I had is we were out contacting and I went to a little store to buy water and they sell water in bags and I bought two, then I went to pay and the guy said "no, it is free for missionaries."  Also I had a drunk guy buy me a soda yesterday which was great haha. I also had to say the opening prayer and the bread sacrament prayer in church, both in spanish, so that was an interesting experience, but I loved it at the same time.

Thank you everyone for writing me and for everything you do for me. I really wouldn't be able to be out here if it wasn't for each and everyone of you guys.

Elder Hummel

Thank you all for everything and hope all is going well at home and excited to write you!

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