Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It was pretty great for us. We got to have a live devotional by David A. Bednar. It was a broadcast devotional but still way cool. You all should look up his cell phone talk because that is what it was. He passed out a bunch of cell phones at the Provo MTC and they could text in questions and we got to email in questions. It was so cool to see him answer things on the spot. It truly showed how much knowledge he has and how much the Spirit is with him. Our Thanksgiving is pretty great we got to have a big dinner with turkey, stuffing, potatos, and everything else really. They said they understand how hard it is and they hope this helps. How was everyone else's Thanksgiving and Black Friday? I hope it was great! Anyone buy anything fun?

There is a thing down here called demonstration day that isn't very safe for nortes so we couldn't go to the big market which kinda sucks but they did take us all to Wendy's and the CCM bought everyone's food. It came out to be 1500 quetcales and the conversion rate is 1Q for ever 7.50 dollars so you can do the math. It was delicious and fun though. Then we decorated the CCM for Christmas, so it wasn't that bad of day.

We got good news about Elder Galvan, they said he can stay he just won't be able to run or play sports for the next 2 years which will be hard but it will be worth it for him. Also Elder Fua has had some knee problems in the past and had a hard time with them recently so I got to give him a blessing. It was so cool. The Spirit was so strong in the room at the time.
On Sunday all the nortes sang Nearer My God to Thee in church. It was so cool to sing because none of us are that good alone but all together we sounded great. It was kind of a celebration for us because it has officially been 1 month for us on Saturday. We all had hard times but it is well worth it. Also I am not sure how email will work next week because we leave the CCM on Tuesday and that is when we write so I have no idea what will happen to emailing. So if you don't get an email from me that is why! On the bright side, when we leave I do get my camera and cd player back so I will be happy about that! Speaking of music, on the Mac at home is The Work sound CD. Tyler knows what it is. If I could get that burned to a CD that would be awesome and I want the David Archuleta song at the end of Meet the Mormons.

I am glad to hear people are getting my letters. I am always worried that they won't make it but it is a relief to hear they are. How is everyone doing with their reading? I hope you all are doing it. I heard a promise by Gordon B. Hinckley about if you read the scriptures in the language you are learning, by the end you will know 80 percent of the language. So I have started doing that, and lots of prayer and work, but I am learning more and more about it and picking it up. Also, an amazing thing is just the answers you can find in your scriptures when you search and pray and ask. I don't think I have ever marked my scriptures more than this in my life and that includes in seminary.

A cool thing we got to do this week is go out street contacting and me and my companion did the best in the whole district. We handed out 5 Libro De Mormons, 1 pamphlet and we got 5 peoples names and numbers. Also we got 2 references of people who would like to hear the gospel. As a whole district we got 13 names and numbers so we had over half.

I am so sorry and sad to hear about JT. I know it must be hard on their family. He was a great friend and I know he is doing God's work in heaven. I had not heard anything about it until I got on my email today so it came as a surprise and hit me hard, but I know through prayer and reading the scriptures it will all be okay. Thank you all for writing me!

I love you all so much and I am sorry the letter is so short this week. There should be more to write about the next time I write. I am missing you all but I know that I am doing the Lords work and will receive blessings as well as all of you! Thank you all for everything you do and for emailing me and writing me. Love you all!

Elder Hummel

Taylor and JT McKean
"Until we meet again, my friend"

Zach Carney, Taylor, JT and MJ Wall

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