Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Hello everyone!

Well things are going great here and I have taken people's advice and made a list of things to talk about so hopefully there is some method to the madness. haha The first is a story of Elder Fua and I. When he first got here he offered me some lotion after we shave and we had been using it every day and our faces were getting so dry. Well, last week we looked at the bottle and realized it is actually body wash not lotion. haha  Safe to say we have stopped using it! haha  The next is we got 2 new roommates, they are both Latino elders, one from Honduras and the other from Mexico. We try to speak more Spanish but still don't know what to say yet.

How is everyone's scripture reading going? I wanna hear how far you are and stuff so please share! Also it has reached the point where if you want to send a package it has to go to my mission home or else I will not receive it, so just a word of advice. I also would love to receive more pics of just what's going on, everyone, the garage, everything. I am curious and a little cut off in case you couldn't tell. Also, please give out my address either for the mission home or for the CCM or for my email. I love getting mail and email, I don't care who sends stuff!

So we had a fun event called Tie Steal Saturday where you take someone's tie Friday night and wear it on Saturday and return it that night. Well someone thought it would be funny to come and take every one of my ties that I had. haha I got them all back but it was a fun experience.

I need some help from everyone. Please, please, please pray I can get use to the schedule so I can stay awake in class. I am having a hard time with them but I know I will get use to it. Also, I really need people's addresses so please send them, please! I wanna send letters!

All of you should look up missionary work and the atonement on youtube. We watched it yesterday and I almost cried it was so powerful and so amazing! We have a missionary in our district who before he came out tore his meniscus partially and is having problems with it and if it doesn't get better he will have to go home. So Monday we all fasted for him and we gave him a blessing. The coolest thing was I had the opportunity to anoint the oil before we gave the blessing. The Spirit was so strong and amazing! So in your prayers include Elder Galvan he is a convert and a member for a little over a year and so his testimony is strong and amazing.

Another cool thing which is the subject line for this letter this week is...We got to go out on the street contacting and my companion and I placed a Book of Mormon! We got the guy's address and phone number so the missionaries can go over and visit. It was such a cool and spiritual experience even with the little Spanish we knew. Also our district total placed 11 Book of Mormons, 4 pamphlets. and got 10 names and phone numbers. It is so cool and the Spirit was with us all. It just reminded us why we were here.

Everything is going well. I am still having a hard time with the language but I will get it in time, I know I will. So keep praying for me. Also, the food is still fantastic and I eat probably more than I should, but I am so eating so. haha We have reached our half-way point in the CCM, which is awesome, but also really making me nervous because I don't think I know the stuff enough. We have been trying to do better in class and everything studying wise but it is coming slowly. The Latinos are kind of hard, but I love it because we can learn more and more. Also I am thinking of doing a fast on Sunday that I will learn the language, so if anyone wants to join me that would be awesome! I love you all so much and thank you for the letters and everything. Also send more pictures! Also can someone send me a picture to my email of my leg before and after the surgery? I love you all so much and am always so excited to hear from you and all the fun stuff going on!

Elder Hummel

Elder Hummel's District

Guatemala LDS Temple

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