Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hello Everyone!   

Well it is my second week here and it has been 

We got new investigators and one is named Veronica. She is really coming along and I like teaching her. The other is named Gabriel. He is Catholic and everything we say to him he has a comment about which sucks! 

I am loving the mission. I will be honest, this week especially, I have been having a hard time and wondering if this was right for me and where I was suppose to be. Then Sunday night we got to watch the Joseph Smith Restoration video and it was amazing! In the scriptures it talks about a burning in your bosom and I truly felt it! I started crying and I knew, without a doubt, this was were I was supposed to be! Then I read all your emails and it confirmed it even more! I have been praying for all of you everyday and hope you feel them. I would love if you could all pray that I could learn this language. I know it isn't easy but it is worth it! 

I have a new candy for you all to try, it is called Minties and it is from New Zealand (haha). It is amazing! Also a candy called Flake Bar. Elder Fua had brought them and we ate them all in a couple days! Also Elder Fua brought 4 lavalavas and gave one to each of us in the room. It is so cool and quite comfortable! 

I love hearing from you all every week! Also you can 
write me handwritten letters. I get them in about 8 days. I found that out, thanks to Jacky! Today we got to go to a shop/market type thing. It is so cool and so different but I am going to love it! 

Sunday we had to give a lesson that we didn't know. We ended up taking 10 minutes to 
prepare it and I feel like it was one of the best lessons that day! Then again, I am kinda partial! I love the feeling of the Spirit here!

The food -- you all asked, it has been a little bit of everything and so 
delicious. I love it, but then again I eat anything! 

I love getting on and seeing emails from everyone. It is so comforting and great! Also 
an experience with Veronica is, the other day we had to go teach the lesson and during it I was speaking and saying things I didn't even know that I know the words for! I know it was the Spirit helping me! I want you all to go watch the Joseph Smith video. It is at the temple visitor centers and it is the one with the steamboat. I don't know how else to describe it! 

I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween and I wish I could have been able to be there and see all the cute costumes but I will in 2 years so it will be okay! 

It is awesome that it is an all Region 9 playoff again. Anybody who is able to, go with mom up to the games, it is so fun for her! 

This past 2 weeks have just been Non-Latino people, so we have all been having fun. haha 
Today we got the first set of Latino people. We will be getting a lot more tomorrow. I think a total of 70 come tomorrow!! 

You all are so amazing and such amazing 
examples. I love you all! Keep the pictures coming! Also has anyone been reading the Book of Mormon and praying like I said to do? I wanna hear how the progress is going! 

Everyone said you will speak only 
Spanish here. That is wrong. We speak about 25% Spanish and the rest in English. But, with Latinos coming, that is going to have to change! 

What has 
everyone been up to? Anything new and exciting going on in life? I am so happy to be here! The view from the computer is the top of the temple and I can see Angel Moroni, so that is cool! The sessions, when we go to the temple, are in English! So that is lucky! 

The next fast Sunday we have will be my last week here and we were all talking about how quick time is flying by before we are in the field. It is nerve racking but also very exciting. Sorry about not having any caps or being able to do paragraphs like last time. My computer is being weird and won't do "enter" at all and the shift is being weird too. haha So just bear with me, it should be better next week! Just so you all know, I think, while in the MTC, most of our p-days will be on Tuesday so aim for that, but I can't promise anything! 

We had a guy in our district start 
crying in class this week. He is a convert and has only been a member a little over a year. He is having a hard time because he doesn't remember a lot of the stuff and it was sad, but it was cool to be able to talk and comfort him. 

I know this church is true and that God is our Heavenly Father and will grant us blessings if we humble ourselves, get down on our knees, and ask for help. The more i have been here the more humble and fervent my prayers have been. I know we all made fun of my dad for how long his prayers always are but there have been times I get down and by the time I am done I have been kneeling for 20-25 minutes and have not felt better! 

For anyone curious, the money we use down here is called Quetalice or something spelled like that. The exchange rate is 7.50 Q for 1 dollar so it is pretty interesting going to buy stuff and a candy bar being 21 Q. It took some getting use to. 

We have to prepare talks to give in Sacrament Meeting because they just call you out on the spot and you have to get up and give a 5 minute talk. I have realized how hard it is to write talks when you know so few Spanish words haha! 

The weather here is pretty great. It rained 2 days last week but other than that it has been sunny and nice. We all, for the most part, sleep with the window open and we feel good without a blanket! 

I am sorry if this letter isn't very organized and just rambles. I just have had so much I wanna say and have been bouncing all over trying to make sure I get it all in! I have been writing some letters but I may wait to send them because they charge 1 dollar for a stamp and to send them all would be expensive. Also I NEED EVERYONE'S ADDRESS! PLEASE SEND THEM NEXT WEEK OR EVEN BETTER WRITE ME A HAND WRITTEN LETTER SO I HAVE THEM! 

I love you all and thank you so much for writing me! I love the examples each and every one of you have given to me and also thank you all for all the help you have given me!


Elder Hummel      

P.S. Everyone has made comments about how much 
I whistle here. haha Thought you all might enjoy that! Love you all and I will write you in a week! Love you!!!

(NOTE: Mom had to do a little editing on this post for him -- it used to be all one big paragraph! We have to remember he types on Spanish keyboards and he has to type fast since he doesn't have much time!)

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